MICHELIN Programmable Fast Flow Tyre Inflator

The MICHELIN 12V Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Cut Off inflates 175/R13 tires in 3 minutes using patented quiet-motor technology. Integrated LED lights for use at night. Easy to read pressure/pre-set/cut-off/accurate to +/-1 PSI. Multi-function pressure sensor displays in PSI, BAR and KPA. Operates from 12V Car Socket and has a 3m power cable with 0.7m air hose.


High power 12V Tyre Inflator. Deflates as well as inflates. Pre-set pressure mode. Auto-stop function 70cm high pressure air hose with screw-on valve connector and deflation feature. Push-button operation. Digital display. Housed in a rugged aluminium chassis for durability. Integrated super-bright white LED lights for night-time use. Inflates a standard tyre in under 4 minutes (based on 175 x R13 tyre size). Also suitable for inflating balls, toys, and other inflatable items.


Correct tyre pressures minimise tyre wear, aid fuel consumption, and benefit roadholding and handling. Compact design with easy built-in cable/hose storage. Easy to store and use. Plugs into standard car 12V auxiliary socket.

EAN: 5060428031081

Dimensions: 226 x 229 x 113mm; Weight 1.59 kg

Item code: 12262


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