MICHELIN Analogue Single Barrel Foot Pump

Super sturdy, the MICHELIN Analogue Single Barrel Foot Pump has a redesigned steel frame to ensure you can inflate your tyres with ease.


Analogue gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50PSI Dual display for PSI & BAR. Moulded gauge with snap-in adaptor storage. Sturdy wide footprint steel frame with rubber feet to aid grip and stability. Ergonomic rubber tread plate.


Correct tyre pressures minimise tyre wear, aid fuel consumption, and benefit roadholding and handling. Clear easy pressure reading. Specially designed ergonomic treadplate profile minimises effort. Easy to store and use.

EAN: 5060428030046

Dimension: 298 x 118 x 90; Weight 1.78 kg

Item code: 12204

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