MICHELIN Pro Series Ceramic Wax 500ml

MICHELIN Pro Series Ceramic Wax:

Special formula with high grade Si02 Impregnating agent forming a glossy hydrophobic protective barrier on vehicle bodywork. Oil and water repellent, this Ceramic Wax protects the paintwork from the elements. It is easy to apply and remove, offering incredible beading.

– Ceramic liquid wax is an advanced premium car body protectant that leaves a slippery hydrophobic coating and a durable layer of paint protection.
– Thanks to its liquid quartz (silicon dioxide) content, the wax forms a weather-resistant barrier that protects a vehicle’s body from the adhesion of street grime, repels water and greasy dirt, and reduces scratches and dings.
– Ceramic Wax is the best and most durable method for excellent protection of car paint, can be used for all types and colors of paint, and is safe for plastic and rubber parts.
– Applying the spray wax is hassle-free and much faster than traditional hard waxes, and the effect of uniform, flawless shine, depth of color and even glossing of the entire car body will delight everyone.
– The breakthrough formula of Ceramic Wax provides a sensational effect effortlessly, protecting your vehicle’s paint and bodywork for a long time against scratches, weather, dirt, dust and dirt with a durable coating.

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Dimension: 65 x 65 x 229 ; Weight 0,46 kg

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