MICHELIN Emergency puncture repair

MICHELIN Emergency Puncture Repair offers motorists a means of continuing a journey when stopped by a puncture and gives workshops a better chance of permanently repairing the tyre. MICHELIN Emergency Puncture repair can repair certain punctures and then re-inflate the tyre to 0.8 bar – an amount Michelin calls a “safe pressure”. The 500ml MICHELIN Emergency Puncture repair can is suitable for use on all tyres up to size 245/45 R17 and requires no tools or separate compressor.


Motorists never know when a puncture occurred; this product is still effective even if you do not detect for some time that you have a puncture. The longer you drive on a tyre that’s been punctured, the greater is the damage to the tyre, but this product effectively repairs larger puncture holes. With MICHELIN Emergency Puncture Repair you have twice as long vs. leading competitor products to discover you have a problem and still achieve:
1) a temporary repair/seal of the puncture
2) re-inflating the tyre to a safe driving pressure (0.8bar)


Easy to use: this is a one-step solution; no tools are required, there is no need to remove the wheel.

EAN: 5060428032699

Dimension: 65 x 65 x 230; Weight 0.54 kg

Item code: 32699