MICHELIN Rear Blade Design

Easy to install MICHELIN Rear Blade Design with innovative technology with 4 multiconnection adapters and OE-product look, for all-weather conditions.

¤ Composite wiper blade structure
¤ Natural NR rubber
¤ 4 multiconnection adapters
¤ 5 blade lengths
¤ All-weather conditions

Easy intuitive installation. Innovative design with a composite wiper blade structure and a natural NR rubber, these blades are for all-weather conditions.
The right Michelin wiper blade can be found via the QR code on every packaging for online search. Alternatively, measure the existing wiper blade and then select the right wiper blade for the driver and passenger side.

Fast and easy one-click installation. 4 multiconnection adapters and 5 blade lengths (240, 280, 300, 350, 400 mm) covering 200+ models of vehicles. Multiple pressure points that apply even pressure across the blade for streak free quiet wipes.

EAN: Depending on size
Dimension: 240 to 400 mm