MICHELIN Pro Series Super Concentrated shampoo 1lit

MICHELIN Pro Series Super Concentrated Shampoo

helps maintain paintwork without removing any wax. Highly concentrated at a dilution ratio of 1900:1, you’ll only need 12ml to clean an average sized car. Packed full of high-quality surfactants, it’s highly foaming and highly lubricating to prevent scratching to your vehicle’s paintwork.

– Super Concentrated Shampoo is extremely effective at removing dried dirt and mud, insect and insect residue, and road and organic debris from the car’s body.
– The content of high-quality surfactants makes the shampoo immediately dissolve even the most difficult dirt, while being completely safe for the wax coatings on the paint.
– The highly concentrated formula ensures that MICHELIN PRO SERIES Super Concentrated Shampoo lasts for a very long time, thanks to a dilution ratio of 1900:1, which gives you just 12 ml of shampoo needed to wash your car.
– The product comes in a convenient one-liter applicator bottle, making dispensing for dilution simple and precise.
– Innovative Super Concentrated Shampoo allows you to effectively and efficiently wash your vehicle, sensationally removing all road and organic dirt, traces of dried insects or greasy stains, without disturbing the wax coatings applied to the paint during the washing process.

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Dimension: 85 x 85 x 245 ; Weight 1,03 kg

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