MICHELIN Pro Series Shampoo 1lit

MICHELIN Pro Series pH neutral Shampoo

acts as an anionic detergent and helps maintain paintwork without removing any wax. Derived from natural oils with a dilution ratio of 800:1, it removes dirt, insects, mud and grime with ease.

– Perfectly refined car shampoo is extremely effective at removing dried dirt, dust and mud, insects and organic contaminants from the car’s body, thanks to its anionic surfactants.
– The strength of the detergent makes the shampoo effortlessly penetrate and dissolve dirt, removing it and not affecting the wax coatings on the paint. It is also completely safe for plastics, rubber, glass and vinyl.
– The product’s concentrated formula ensures that Shampoo lasts a long time and provides economical application performance.
– The shampoo comes in a one-liter applicator bottle, making dispensing for dilution simple and precise.
– With a unique formula derived from natural oils, Shampoo effectively removes road and organic dirt, insect residues and greasy, oily stains without harming the wax coatings applied to the paint.

EAN: 5060428033542

Dimension: 85 x 85 x 245 ; Weight 1,03 kg

Item code: 33542