MICHELIN Pro Series Glass Cleaner 500ml

MICHELIN Pro Series Glass Cleaner

is specially formulated with <5% non-ionic surfactants to cut through the toughest dirt and grime to deliver the best possible clarity. It makes short work of stubborn films, producing streak-free results.

– Superior cleaner that removes the toughest dirt from glass surfaces and provides unparalleled clarity.

– The fluid’s non-ionic surfactant additives effectively dissolve dirt deposits, washing away organic contaminants and insect residues for great visibility.

– Cleans windshields evenly and effectively, so no streaks form that can cause reflections.

– Dirt-free, clear, degreased and perfectly cleaned windshields greatly enhance driving confidence and directly affect driver comfort.

EAN: 5060428033603

Dimension: 65 x 65 x 229 ; Weight 0,45 kg

Item code: 33603