MICHELIN Pro Series Ceramic Glass 500ml

MICHELIN Pro Series Ceramic Glass 2-in-1:

is our dual-action glass treatment. Formulated to repel rain providing better visibility, hydronic effect. Liquid glass combined with a glycol-based carrier leaves a perfect finish. Fills the micro surface to seal and repel for an extended time.

– The revolutionary Ceramic Glass liquid is a high-performance glass protectant that leaves a durable layer of protection on glass, creating an “invisible wiper” effect thanks to its hydrophobic properties.
– The liquid glass additives and glycol-based base contained among the liquid’s ingredients create a weather-resistant barrier on glass surfaces, repelling water and dirt, providing great visibility through the vehicle’s pristine windows.
– Ceramic Glass fluid is easy to apply and coats the glass with an even protective layer, so no streaks or smudges are produced.
– During heavy rain and highway driving, the resulting coating causes raindrops to spontaneously escape from the glass to the sides, greatly improving visibility while traveling.
– The carefully formulated Ceramic Glass Wax ensures perfectly clean windshields and, thanks to its unique properties, makes driving in heavy rain comfortable and safe.

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Dimension: 65 x 65 x 229 ; Weight 0,45 kg

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