K-Seal® HD Coolant leak repair 472ml – has been specifically designed for use with all types of large engine equipment such as HGV’s, buses, large trucks, tractors, heavy plant and other heavy duty engines with cooling systems up to 57 litres.

  • K-Seal is a Ceramic formula and contains NO Sodium Silicate. Nothing in K-Seal will harm the cooling system.
  • K-Seal is fully compatible with ALL antifreeze and additives
  • K-Seal is a true pour and go, No draining, flushing or pulling of the thermostat required
  • K-Seal can be used in a cold or hot engine (when safe)
  • K-Seal should be in every service/support vehicles emergency kit! This will fix a cooling system faster than you can change a tire. Once we make a repair, it’s PERMANENT!, if you choose, you can drain / flush and there is no need for further K-Seal applications.

EAN: 5060002968079

Dimensions: 240 x 180 x 180 mm

Weight: 472 ml

Item code: 68079

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