MICHELIN Wiper Blade Total Performance Flat

MICHELIN Wiper Blade Total Performance Flat are the ideal replacement when the original windshield wipers are worn out. The included adapters fit almost all common cars and trucks on which new wipers are required.

¤ lengths from 350mm to 750mm
¤ suitable for almost all vehicles
¤ rubber with special surface treatment
¤ aerodynamic design
¤ flexible rubber back

Joint-free wiper blade (“flat blade”) in lengths from 350mm to 750mm in OEM quality with a suitable adapter for almost all vehicles
The right Michelin wiper blade can be found via the list of use shown or you can scan the QR code from this list. Alternatively, measure the existing wiper blade and then select the right wiper blade for the driver and passenger side.
QR code on every packaging for online search for the right MICHELIN wiper blade

Perfect wiping quality thanks to wiper rubber with special surface treatment, extremely quiet thanks to the aerodynamic design.
The wear-resistant wiping edge ensures a clean field of vision, the flexible rubber back for a scratch-free run.
1 wiper blade as a suitable replacement for joint-free or conventional (bracket) wiper blades

EAN: Depending on size
Dimension: 14″(350 mm), 16″(400 mm), 18″(450 mm), 19″(470 mm), 20″(500 mm), 21″(530 mm), 22″(550 mm), 24″(600 mm), 26″(650 mm), 28″(700 mm), 30″(750 mm)

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