MICHELIN Hydroedge Hybrid Wiper Blade

See clearly, drive safely with the MICHELIN Hydroedge Hybrid Wiper Blade. The sleek OEM hybrid design delivers a beam blade for superior wipe performance in all weather conditions.
The unique patented design adapts to the curvature of your windshield for streak free wipes. Compression molded natural rubber for smooth quiet wipes.
The Fast-Loc™ connector system allows for installation in minutes – plus easy step by step installation video.

EAN: Depending on size

Dimensions: 14″(350mm),15″(380mm), 16″(400mm), 17″(430mm), 18″(450mm), 19″(480mm), 20″(500mm), 21″(530mm), 22″(550mm), 24″(600mm), 26″(650mm), 28″(700mm)